Highlights from EHA2021 Virtual 2021: Focus on MDS and AML

July 20, 2021

Listen to Prof. Uwe Platzbecker (Germany) cover key data presented at EHA2021 Virtual on new and emerging treatments for the improvement of outcomes in higher-risk MDS and newly diagnosed AML, including expert insights and interpretation from Prof. Valeria Santini (Italy) and Prof. Andrew Wei (Australia).



  • Data review with Prof. Platzbecker (0:00)
  • Expert interview with Profs. Platzbecker, Santini and Wei, answering the following questions:


  1. Based on data presented at EHA2021 Virtual, what do you consider to be the most promising novel treatments for patients with higher-risk MDS? (23:46)
  2. Are there any specific mutations targeted by any of the emerging treatments for higher-risk MDS? If so, is this likely to change current routine patient genetic analysis? (33:45)
  3. How is the treatment landscape evolving for patients with newly diagnosed AML? Are targeted therapies likely to replace intensive chemotherapy regimens for AML in the near future? (41:37)   
  4. What criteria and/or assessment tools do you use for determining patient fitness for intensive therapy? (50:01)
  5. How do you see minimum residual disease (MRD) monitoring evolving in terms of methodology and standardization, and what impact do you see it having on the management of MDS and AML in the future? (56:02)


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